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Media Coverage


Sam's clients have been featured in media outlets worldwide. Here are some highlights.

"Technology used by spies is detecting pesky moths"
The Economist,  6-9-2022


Ticket stub from Michael Jordan's NBA debut sells for $264K, a record for a sports ticket"
ESPN, 12-17-2021

"T206 Honus Wagner baseball card sells for $6.606 million, shattering previous record"
-ESPN, 8-15-2021

"Rare Honus Wagner baseball card sells for record $6.6 million at auction"
CNN, 8-15-2021

"3 Guys NFT launch two sports based NFT auctions on @opensea..."
-Twitter, 4-20-21, Darren Rovell (2 million followers)

"10 Edible Valentine’s Day Treats That Are Outside Of The (Heart-Shaped) Box"
-Forbes, 2-11-21 

"This Is the Only Way I Can Prevent Debilitating Headaches"
-Daily Beast, 9-2-20

"He Videotaped the Rodney King Beating. Now, He Is Auctioning the Camera"
- New York Times, 7-29-20

"A 'Dream Team' jersey worn and signed by Michael Jordan sold for $216,000"
-CNN, 4-20-20


"A Winemaker and a Billionaire Turn a Bay Area Island Into a Booze Destination"
-Bloomberg, 1-28-20

"Long Island City real estate activity doubled with
promise of Amazon"

-New York Post, 2-27-19


"For Sale: Rare $250K First World Series Program Kept In Safe Deposit Box For 40 Years"

-Forbes, 10-31-18


"Ty Cobb baseball card could fetch $125K or more at Auction"
-Fox Business News, 10-15-18

"Power's Omari Hardwick Talks LeBron James and 2018 NBA Finals"
-Fox Sports Undisputed, 6-18-18


"The original Watergate lock that burglars picked open is going to auction"
-Washington Post,  12-12-17


"A Manhattan Skyline Sketch by Trump Sells at Auction for $29,000"
-New York Times, 7-28-17


"Daymond John on finding the entrepreneurs of tomorrow"
-CNBC, 7-18-17


"Another VIP Insulting Trump: Harper Lee Hated the Trump Taj Mahal"
-Washington Post, 3-29-16

"Presidential Jersey for Sale", 2-4-16 

"Want to Score Harvard Actor's Pendant?"
- Boston Globe, 1-28-16

"Growing Up Kennedy"
- People Magazine Cover Story, 7-1-2015

"The First Nobel Prize in Economics to Sell at Auction Just Fetched $390,848"
- Wall Street Journal, 2-27-2015

"Harvard economics professor’s Nobel Prize to be auctioned"
- Boston Globe, 2-24-2015

"Putting a Price on Simon Kuznets’s Nobel in Economics"
- New York Times, 2-24-2015

"Putting a Price on Simon Kuznets’s Nobel in Economics"
- New York Times, 2-24-2015

"'Demon' Bin Laden action figure goes to auction"
- CNN, 11-7-2014

"Study: Twitter could be used to track spread of HIV"
- CBS News, 3-4-2014

"McConaughey’s ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ hat fetches $13K at auction"
-  Page Six,  3-28-2014

As Ethiopian aliyah draws to a close, American Jews look back at the key role they played"
- Ha'aretz, 8-17-2013

"Up For Sale: Orson Welles' Oscar"
- NPR, 12-13-2011

"Orson Welles' 'Citizen Kane' Oscar for sale"
- CNN, 12-12-2011


"Beatles anti-segregation contract sells for $23,000"
- BBC News, 9-22-2011





















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